Frostline Ice Machine Cuber IM125

$3,580.00 $2,990.00 ex GST


Frostline Ice Machine Cuber IM125

Production Per 24hrs 128kgs
Storage 50kgs
Dimensions WxDxH 1045 x 570 x 900/1030*
Power Supply 10amp
  • Height including legs (mm)


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The Frostline Ice Machine Cuber IM125 is the perfect mid-point in our range of Ice Machine Cubers, and a perfect solution to your ice-sourcing problems. It’s powerful, affordable and can produce up to 128KG of Ice a day. Just the thing for any sort of food service operation, making sure that you can keep focused on the things that count. We consider this to be a great mid-range offering as a Commercial Ice Machine, and are delighted to offer installation and repair services on top of the retail offering. 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty is included.

This all-inclusive Ice Cuber’s perfect for Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants and other small businesses. Don’t end up paying through the nose for Ice from other companies, when an investment into one of these compact, affordable cubers’ll pay itself off quick and keep your balance book cool. Getting weekly ice bags can eat into your bottom line quickly, whilst a financing deal on a Ice Machine’ll work out cheaper and easier in the long run. Don’t put yourself at the mercy of vagaries in the supply chain, turn a cost into a benefit with us! Commercial Ice Australia has 20+ years of experience in the industry, and know how to make sure that customers are satisfied. Our team of service professionals are happy to install, assist and generally help you and your new Ice Machine Cuber IM125!

The IM125 comes with an attached storage bin for up to 50KG of ice, meaning that you can rest assured you’ll have a deep reserve for when you need it. Commercial Ice Australia is happy to provide installation, repair and expertise in helping you get the most of your new IM125. Get in touch today, see what we can do for your business.

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